Our first task was to create Polygon Masks, by using a template found on thingiverse.com. We would then use Photoshop to apply a photo of ourselves onto our mask (and other textures, colours and designs if we so wished). This was supposed to be a fun task (tell that to PTSD I have now developed thanks to trying to stick together those microscopic tabs together) in order to establish our Photoshop knowledge (if any). Here are my attempts:

IMG_0187 IMG_0185

face mask jpeg face mask 2 jpeg
face mask 3 jpeg

Face Mask Constructed:

the-mask-5077c631b7abc - Copy

mask mask 2 mask mask
mask mask 3

"The Mask" Mask Constructed:

trippy-colors-abstract-art-free-hd-images-104084 - Copy chakra-symbols-and-names13 - Copy

psymask 1 jpeg psymask2 jpeg
psymask3 jpeg

PsyMask Constructed:

The general Photoshop techniques used included effective use the Multiply Layer, Eraser tool, Transform Tool, Blur Tool, Smudge Tool and simple image level correction tools (Hue and Saturation/Brightness/Contrast)