Our next task was to create images which combine photos together, paying particular consideration to how we can manipulate scale within Photoshop to create some strange images!
Here are my examples along with a some processes(colour, hue, saturation, contrast levels were changed throughout, didn’t think it was necessary to document every time I did it so if you see the image’s levels change slightly its down to this):

Idea 1: “Heavy Metal”

Copied images of a Caber Toss and Ibanez Electric Guitar:

jcrg613bsz-3 9555710848_40287f3042_b

Began by copying at image of the guitar onto the caber tossing man. Next created a new layer by copying the caber tossing man and then overlaying the guitar to match the caber and changed it’s opacity:


With the guitar ‘sandwiched’ between two layers of the caber toss I was able to use the Eraser Tool to reveal it under the top layer:


Used the Burn Tool to add a shadow below the guitar to make the image appear more realistic:


Touched up the edges around the guitar using Eraser Tool:


Used the Dodge Tool to add highlight to the guitar to create the effect of bright sunlight reflecting off the body:


Used an adjustment layer:



Idea 2: “Monkeying Around”

Images of Monkey eating an apple, dripping lava and planet Earth:

6092056541_e32b07a3d8_b planet-earth-space 31126558

Right-clicked on the layer and selected layer from background:


Used the Magic Wand Tool to remove the black background from the image:


Using a change in the Opacity levels and the Eraser tool ‘fitted’ the Earth to the shape of the apple:


Applied the dripping lava to the image and used several adjustment layers in an attempt to achieve a seamless image:



Idea 3:”Flower Power”:

Untitled-1 983867_10151642942345498_1754794306_n

scale 3

Idea 4: “My ‘Little’ Terror”:

935275_10151415667567582_1908300450_n new_york_city_streets-702347



Idea 5: “Drown in Tea”


A little trickier than I had expected, particularly in making the images appear seamless and uniform. (which I still believe my images lack to a degree). Having said this although it was difficult and frustrating to begin with once I got into the swing of things and was familiar with the tools, layers and a few of the keyboard shortcuts (of which there appear to be a dictionary of) it become a bit more manageable.