This time we had to think about image size(mb, pixels, dimensions, etc) while scanning obscure odd bits to achieve unique images within Photoshop. Here are my attempts and processes:

Idea 1: “Strawberry-Lime( Strime, Liberry)”

Combining a scanned segment of lime with a squashed strawberry.


Idea 2: “Broccoli Land (With a Strawberry Sun)”

Using a scanned in piece of broccoli and squashed strawberry to create a tree landscape.


Idea 3: “Discount Monitor”

Scanning my Pullinger’s discount card while moving it to create the display on a heart monitor.


Idea 4: “Lime Pence”

Combining a scanned in 5 pence piece and a segment of a lime.


Idea 5: “Alien Broccoli”

Zoomed into a particularly interesting area of a piece of scanned broccoli.


Idea 6: “Drowning in Scanner”

Scanned hand while moving to create the appearance of water.


Resized Images at 200dpi and 2000 pixels square:


(click on image to be linked to my flickr site where the original sized image (6000 x 4000 pixels)