I’m sure a lot of people have heard about the experiment conducted in the 1950’s by the US government surrounding and artist drawing while under the influence the drug LSD or Acid. If not here’s a video illustrating the results of said experiment:



Now as we are about to start learning about visual perception in our Drawing module, it led me to question as to whether artists, both past and present have possibly utilized drugs in order to change their perception, as styles such as cubism, surrealism and abstract are quite apparent as the drug reaches it’s ‘peak’. I’m not advocating drug use whatsoever just questioning whether some of the artworks we consider as ‘great’ were created by people off their nut and whether that makes the pieces created any less credible.

Here’s another similar experiment ‘conducted’ by girl in France asked to draw a self-portrait at different intervals:


Another experiment in which an artist takes a different drug each day for 45 days and draws under the influence of them: