In order become familiar with the workings of Adobe Illustrator (most notably the Pen Tool) we were asked to create some basic vector art in the form of Polygon Animals. Serving as introduction to the software, the task will provide essential knowledge for the Lasercut piece we will complete later.

To begin with a stock image of animal (in this case a wolf) from the internet was chosen.

Next on a new layer and using the Pen Tool, triangular shapes were created following the form of the animal. This created the ‘low polygon count’ appearance that is desired.

After the entire animal had been completed in this fashion the Eyedropper tool was used the replicate colour swatches from there original image in order the fill the the different triangles.

Once this was completed I decided to make the image look effective I added background which was suitable for the animal and used the Burn and Dodge Tools to add small amounts of highlights and shadow.