This next set of images were responses to the Vertov scene which depicted ‘reverse destruction’ of the checkers board game shown here:

I decided to run with the ‘past-present’ theme and make it focal point for the rest of my responses. In order to make this evident I decided to capture a more ‘modern’ board-game in the form of Monopoly. The initial concept behind these responses was the dwindling use of board-games as of late (mainly due to the video game boom) and to pose the question if they provide a more social, universally assessable form of entertainment. Once again from the images I shot I selected those which best represented this theme and also matched the framing of the Vertov scene.



In order to extenuate the idea of ‘past-present’ I used the skills I developed in Photoshop in order to alter the vibrancy and saturation of the colours in my images in order to juxtapose the black and white original. During the process of editing the images I released that the gap between the two tables in my images diverted the focus and generally felt out of place. In order to rectify this I used Photoshop to copy and paste existing parts of the table in order to mask the gap. Chronologically these were the first set of images I captured found here:


Although I was to achieve some interesting effects (most notably the ‘ghosting’ of the Monopoly money created by using slow shutter speeds) these happened by chance as I was still learning the workings of the SLR. In retrospect I could have perhaps revisiting the shoot with a more in-depth knowledge and produced more effective responses but I am still pleased with overall outcome of these responses.