A little late but here are the rest of my reposes for the Photography Workshop. This set of images is based on the magician scene in Man With A Movie Camera:


The concept behind these images was a modern-day re-imagining of the Vertov original. Even though over 80 years separates the imagery and much has changed in terms of technology, society and culture the practice of magic and trickery still serves as a source of entertainment and astonishment (albeit if now we watch magicians and illusionists on TV or internet). In order to establish the past-present relationship I chose to document my brother-in-law performing card tricks which is a more ‘modern-preferred’ style of magic. From my shoot I selected the images which best mimicked the framing and compositional values of the Vertov scene.



SCENE FORTY 4#version2

I am pleased with the outcome of these set of images as they document interdisciplinary processes used in Photography and Digital Applications through the editing of my images within Photoshop. I was able to utilize the knowledge I acquired in the Photoshop workshops particularly in altering the images’ levels and manipulating layers. Although these images were difficult to capture initially (I found problems with finding the ideal shutter speed in order to capture the desired level of movement) but once I found a happy medium I was happy I was able to produce an interesting set of images, the full set of which can be found at: