For this set of responses I wanted to further play on the idea of past and present. It is based upon the scene in MWAMC that shows an ear overlain onto lens surrounded by various imagery:

I wanted these images to reflect a lot of myself and so decided to base the surrounding elements on my own ‘modern’ interests. Due to the nature of the Vertov original I knew that the end product would rely heavily on post-editing so I shot a variety of objects and scenes in order to construct my final responses, however the original images can be found here:




The major part of creating these responses was the editing I had to complete in Photoshop. Using the skills I learnt during Digital Applications to manipulate images and layers. The selected images was a result of trial and error, finding the images which work well as a composition and mimicking the stylisticc qualities of the Vertov original in order to create an evident relationship between the two. I am pleased with the outcome of the responses as they display the interdisciplinary focus of the course explicitly. Having said this there were initial concepts (such as photographing live bands) which I could not complete due to logistical and time-issues. Given the opportunity I would have implemented these into my final responses as well.