The final set of responses I shot was based on the Vertov scene which depicted the ‘homeless’ sleeping outside on benches and such shown here:

The concept for these responses was once again rooted in ‘past-present’ theme as I wanted to show although there over 80 years had passed since the Stalinist social regime, poverty and homelessness is still a privalent issue even in England. As there were certain ethical issues with photographing real homeless people I decided to stage the scene using a friend. The shot, unedited images can be found here:




The combination of the modern dress and the mirroring of the Vertov framing and composition I was able to establish a coherent relationship between the two. In order further enhance this I decided to edit the images using
my previously attained Photoshop skills in order to create a grey-scale-sepia, high contrast quality to my responses. I think I am most happy with the overall appearance of these images, they portray the isolated feel inherent with homelessness and the editing creates a striking image which has a paint-like quality. In retrospect I would have perhaps shot using a range of models and locations in order to create more varied responses.