Demonstrate an effective use of Art and Design software :

I think I have attained an adequate understanding of the variety of different software that we come across during the module. I feel that I could have explored Illustrator more and will perhaps do this in my own time. I am pleased however with my progress in Cinema 4D, even though I hesitant to use 3D Modelling software based on previous experience.

Demonstrate effective use of digital hardware and associated technologies :
I believe that I have more full understanding of the interplay between digital hardware and other mediums. I feel that is evident in my responses which are linked, in some way to work from other modules.

Produce and present creative digital solutions to Art and Design problems :
I believe my responses have been creative and I have often went away from the lesson to explore the software in my own time. Having said this my responses can still be bracketed in this fantasy/lord of the rings style and to form more creative responses I should move away from this.

Create on-line Art and Design presentations and resources :
This is evident in my blog, of which I have tried to maintain an constant activity. I could perhaps think about the overall presentation of my blog more and think about this for next year when we ill be setting up our own websites.

Manage and evaluate their own use of digital applications :
I think this is definitely an area where I need to improve upon. Although my responses are of high quality they often lack the reflective practice to push them further, an issue which I must address to operate more successfully as an art and design practitioner.

Action Plan :

Research more
More reflective responses
Steer away from a particularly style.