Through the medium of Cinema 4D I wanted to create an animation of a tree growing from the root up, almost like a time-lapse video. The concept behind this related to the theme which has arose in my work in other modules. It concerns the glorification of nature and natural form and its relationship (or on-going feud) to the man-made world we live in. The focus is how artistic practices can help to achieve this appraisal while immortalising these forms in a given medium. The imagery of tree is something which is prevalent throughout my working practice and due to their unique quality (each tree has individual qualities of form), allows for a vast scope to explore.

I wanted to convey how a computer programme (something which is man-made) can in actuality simulate the natural world and a process of growth. The question posed here is in an increasingly digital culture the lines between the real and the digital are ultimately becoming blurred. The form of the tree itself is heavily based upon a collection of pen drawings I completed for the Drawing Module. Deriving inspiration from artist Roger Dean (of whom’s work I have written and essay for Historical & Contextual Studies) I decided I would use the drawings coupled with his artistic style in order to form my response to the brief.

I still wanted to address the issue that nature and through extension everything that grows ultimately dissipates from existence and so chose to portray this concept by having the tree disintegrate towards the end of animation. This is represent how all things ultimately turn to dust. The focus for this animation however is not the macabre imagery of death but rather celebration of tree’s intrinsic beauty. I wanted the animation to be fluid and to appear natural as although my tree is stylised I wanted realism to underpin the animation. To reinforce this I decided to create my own textures which were sourced from high-resolution images of tree bark and earth images. To reinforce the inspirational work of Roger Dean I decided that my tree would grow from a floating island, much like a lot of his illustrations. Overall I pleased with the finished outcomes as it clearly displays the skills I attained in the Digital Application module while following the underlying themes which have arisen in my work recently. The animation could benefit from being a few seconds longer to allow for the particles to complete disappear. Similarly there is a ‘jump’ in the tree model which hinders the overall outcome slightly. I believe that with more practice in Cinema 4D I could achieve even more seemingly natural animations and is definitely a consideration for my future artistic endeavours. from workname on Vimeo.